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Introduction and Definition of Terms (part 1)

The current situation as it pertains to communication services and social media on the world wide web (hereafter: 'the internet') is one of great concern to me. I have been online since before the dawn of the commercial internet. My first access was through a dial-up connection from my dorm room to the Unix server in the basement of the library (an AS400, if i remember correctly). Once logged into my account on this server, I was able to send and receive email, browse usenet groups, and even use built in utilities like ychat and telnet to communicate with other students on other servers at other schools across the country. It was the days of the Academic internet and technologies like HTTP were in their infancy. It would be at least 2 years into my college career before I even used a “web browser” or learned a scrap of HTML code. The internet was a tool for research, communication, and even some more prurient interests. I was 18, what can I say? There was no central authority or company in control of my internet experience. There were no gate-keepers to my web access unless you count the university IT department, but they didn't have the sophisticated filtering and monitoring tools available today. The internet was the wild west, and it was good that way.

Check back soon for part 2!